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Repairing Clog Conundrums

Few things are more frustrating than a clogged drain!  Whether in your kitchen, your bathroom, or your utility room, clogged drains can quickly provide an infuriating mess.  Unfortunately, they are also fairly common.  To solve your next clog conundrum, try one of our DIY solutions: Slow-Running Drains: For slow-running drains,...
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Maximizing Your Water Pressure

When outdoor temperatures drop, there is nothing we like more than a warm shower to get us ready for the day!  However, poor water pressure can quickly turn your morning routine from inspirational to inefficient.  To solve this daily dilemma, try one of our DIY solutions to these common low-water...
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Deodorizing Your Drain

With guests coming over to celebrate the holidays, the last thing that you want to worry about is a foul order coming from your kitchen sink. Baking Soda Solution A quick way to eliminate sink odor is to clean you drain with baking soda.  To do so, pour one cup of...
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Plumbing Tips To Save Water

Lowering your household’s water usage is certainly a worthwhile goal – not only is it environmentally friendly, it can also help you save money on your utility bills.  Try these plumbing modifications to begin saving water today! Replace Standard Toilets: Toilet usage accounts for approximately 40 percent of all residential...
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Seasonal Water Heater Maintenance

As kids head back to the classroom and the leaves begin to change, homeowners are reminded of the impending season change and the accompanying home maintenance that this time of year brings.  Because home water heaters work harder during the winter months fall is a key time for water heater...
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