We help clients all over the Twin Cities with their home remodeling projects! No matter if you have hired a contractor or are a do-it-yourself contractor, we are here to help you with all your plumbing needs. Give us a call and let us know what kind of remodeling you are planning to do, and when you will need plumbing help. We will provide you with a quote and offer our professional advice.

For many years we have also worked on commercial remodeling – old buildings, new buildings and warehouses. We work with the general contractor to provide superior service – this means working within their need, their schedule and finishing the project on budget.

If you are remodeling we are here to help, no matter if you need assistance with just certain aspects of your plumbing or all of your plumbing! We perform plumbing work for individual homeowners, professional remodelers and builders.

Our goal is to make the plumbing aspect of your remodel stress-free. We will provide you a quote based on the work that is needed to be performed, and then we will send our team of experts out to get it done for you. For a quote give us a call here at the office!

Services: Whole house plumbing, kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing, new construction plumbing.

Remodeling Tips

  • Set your budget and decide what project you would like done
  • Find a contractor that you trust
  • Hire a contractor that is familiar with the building codes in your area
  • Get a proposal from the contract and ask them to detail it out

  • Go through the design process and choose your materials such a appliances, light fixtures, etc.
  • Based on your budget, reevaluate if needed
  • Make your final decisions and let the remodeling begin!

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