For many years we have also worked on commercial remodeling – old buildings, new buildings and warehouses. We work with the general contractor to provide superior service – this means working within their need, their schedule and finishing the project on budget.

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Advantages Of PEX Plumbing

A plumbing project is only as good as the materials that go into it!  With that in mind, we love sharing what makes our list of favorite supplies.  First and foremost on that list is the piping material that we prefer – PEX plumbing piping, or cross-linked polyethylene pipe.  Why...
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Tree Root Related Pipe Damage

While we love to see residential homes complete with beautiful full grown trees and well landscaped lawns, occasionally those trees can result in dangerous damage to pipes and drains. Roots are naturally drawn to pipes. After all, they contain water, nutrients, and oxygen – all feel good foods for tree...
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Water Heater Maintenance

Proper and routine maintenance can help to increase your water heater’s efficiency and extend its life. Follow these steps to make sure that your water heater is in tip top shape! Check Your Anode Rod:You water heater’s anode rod is in place, in part, to prevent hot water from corroding...
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Choosing The Right Kitchen Sink & Faucet

A room’s hardware can shape the style and tone of your space.  Particularly in the kitchen, your sink and faucet also play an important functional role.  Therefore, choosing the right kitchen sink and faucet can be a big decision!  Here are the factors that we encourage our clients to keep...
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