For many years we have also worked on commercial remodeling – old buildings, new buildings and warehouses. We work with the general contractor to provide superior service – this means working within their need, their schedule and finishing the project on budget.

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The Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Process – Pros and Cons

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work? The reverse osmosis process uses a semi-permeable membrane containing tiny pores through which pressurized water is forced.  The small pores of this membrane restrict organic compounds such as salt and other natural minerals, in addition to bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. What Are The Pros? -Reverse...
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Preventative Holiday Plumbing

With the holidays just around the corner, house guests are likely not far behind!  Few things can screw up your holidays more than plumbing problems.  With that in mind, now is a great time of year to run through your plumbing preventative maintenance list: Garbage Disposal: Your kitchen is sure...
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