Sump Pumps

Protecting Your Home: Flood Prevention

It seems that the April showers and spring stormy season came a little late this year. Floods, tornadoes, hail, and rain–not what you usually think the month of May is made of. If there’s anything we Minnesotans know it’s that aside from the tame June, July, and August, weather in...
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The Season of Sump

Ah, spring. That magical time when a young man’s fancy turns to love, the birds and the bees do their famous dance, and Mother Nature throws a wild, stormy, completely unpredictable fit. We all know that with the coming of April also come heavy rains, overflowing rivers, and flooded basements....
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Water Powered Backup Sump Pump System

We have received many calls on backup sump pumps lately, so we thought we would introduce you to a great product from Zoeller Pump Company. The product is call Home Guard® Max and it is a high capacity, high efficiency water powered sump pump backup system. When your primary sump...
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November Special!

Our November special is $50.00 off any service call! Don’t forget to mention you saw this on our website!  The total cost is the service call charge with the $50.00 discount+ travel charges. The special runs until November 30th. Call now to take advantage of this great offer!


In May we gave you a brief overview of Things to Know about Your Home Sump Pump. We’re going to revisit that topic today and give you a little more insight into one of the hardest working, and least appreciated, systems in your home. For every inch of rain collected...
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Things to Know About Your Sump Pump

As the recent rain has reminded us, April isn’t the only month for showers. And so it also shouldn’t be the only month you check your home sump pump. They’re easy to forget tucked down in the basement, but like all other household mechanics, sump pumps eventually fail. The average...
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