Local Highlights

What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency

While we try our best to avoid them, plumbing problems are one of life’s unfortunate and inevitable certainties.  When you can’t prevent a plumbing crisis, follow these simple steps to help mitigate the damage: Turn Off Your Water: Whether you have an overflowing sink basin, a backed up drain, or...
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Company Profile: Pipeline Supply Inc.

To continue on with highlighting the parts that make our whole possible (see our last blog about some of our favorite plumbing product companies), here’s a profile of one of our favorite supplies, Pipeline. Read this and rest assured that the products and the companies we work with are just...
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Local Highlight: Elk River

Next up in our Local Highlight Series, the beautiful city of Elk River. Here’s some news and updates from one of our favorite areas to work in. Spring Flooding The Great Minnesota Thaw is just around the corner, and you know what that means. Leaky windows, leaky roofs, and leaky...
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Local Highlight: The City of Anoka

Though pipes are our main business, it’s people that really make the job. Nowthen is proud to serve such a wide variety of communities; from Blaine to New Brighton, Arden Hills to Maple Grove, each area we work with is unique and each of its residents follow suit. As much...
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