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Top Bathroom Fixture and Plumbing Trends of 2015  |  Commercial & Residential Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing Nowthen MN

kohler showerhead | kohler fixtures via nowthen plumbing mnYour bathroom experience revolves around, in great part, the fixtures, selections, and plumbing features of the bathroom.  Choosing a beautiful wall color is lovely, but you won’t care what color the walls are if the water pressure fails you during your shower!

With that in mind, here are four related trends that we’re seeing making big impressions on the bathroom remodeling world here in 2015…

1. The Low Flow Toilet

Low-flow toilets have been getting attention for a long time, but with advancements in plumbing technology, as well as extra focus on water conservation recently, low-flow toilets are becoming even more popular, if not commonplace.  Newer low-flow toilets come in contemporary designs (like these from Kohler) and will cut down on your water consumption dramatically, saving you money as well.

2. The Two Sink Vanity

More and more families are opting for the practicality of a two sink vanity.  As families get busier and busier, the double sinks allow more flexibility and saves time overall.  Let’s face it, getting out the door on time is a stress reliever!  So while you might not think of a pair of sinks as a spa-like luxury, they might just provide more tranquility than any herb or candle every could!  Double vanities come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs, as do the beautiful faucets that go with them, like these pretty one from Kohler.

3. The Walk-In Shower

The trend here is two-fold — homeowners are either eliminating their tub entirely and opting for the practicality and luxury of a walk-in shower, or they’re separating their tub and their shower to provide two separate experiences.  But ultimately, the shower is becoming a priority.  Eliminating the bathtub frees up the space you need to create a stunning walk-in shower, often with tile or stone walls and glass doors (or no doors!), for an open, roomy feel.  And for those opting to add a separate bathtub, freestanding tubs are all the range – a perfect match to the luxury shower.  Check out these spa-like showers featured by HGTV.

4. Multiple Shower Heads

A shower with dual heads is luxurious and practical and fun too.  And lest you’re undecided on this trend, know that there’s more than one way to use multiple fixtures in your new shower:  while some homeowners are opting for two upper heads on either side of the shower, others are soaping up for an upper and a lower shower head!  Adding a hand spray attachment can help you get even cleaner from head to toe.  Imagine a rain-like spout from above and an easy to control hand-held spout at mid-height. These pictures on will show you just what we’re talking about, and you can check out Kohler’s selection of showerheads here.  Refreshing!  And an investment that will give your home value as well.

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