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Even Small Bathrooms Can Evoke Spa Luxury! | Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing MN

The economy of the last ten years has changed the way homeowners approach building and remodeling, and one of the changes has been consistently smaller bathrooms. Yet less square footage doesn’t have to equate to less luxury. Spa Inspired BathroomsConsumers don’t seem willing to sacrifice style and still want to create a tranquil, spa-like experience in their bathroom, no matter how roomy (or not-so-roomy). Here we offer some great tips for turning even a small bathroom into a spa-like space:

  1. Use at least one luxurious product or fixture. Whether it be a shower-head with luxury features, a toilet that is extra efficient, a faucet that doubles as a thing of beauty, or those coveted heated-floors, select at least one item that is really important to you as you remodel and make the splurge.
  2. Don’t skimp on lighting. A bright and light bathroom evokes a natural sense of relaxation and beauty. It also makes life easier when it comes to applying makeup or shaving. Layering overhead lighting with ambient and decorative lighting is a good approach. Bright white and light gray tones are trendier now than ever and decorating with them will help reflect the light and keep the room light and airy.
  3. Accent with spa-inspired decor. Plush, white towels practically scream luxury, and investing in a couple will be worth the splurge. Using natural elements in your decorating, like stones in a glass jar or bamboo shoots in a vase, give off the feel of a spa as well and promote natural relaxation. Decorating with inexpensive touches like fresh flowers, scented hand soap, or a favorite candle also provide a small bathroom with personal touches.

For more inspiration, check out these photos from Better Homes & Gardens of small bathrooms that pack big punch with style.

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