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A Better Toilet Flapper – Product Review | Universal Flapper Line by Fluidmaster and Microban

500_product_03_021214No one likes the sound of a running toilet.  Worse yet, a leaking toilet.  Problems like these are often caused by an old toilet flapper that’s broken down and not sealing properly.  The toilet flapper is a rubber mechanism in your toilet that opens to let water out of the toilet tank when you flush, and closes to allow it to refill.

Once the plastic of a toilet flapper begins to wear away, it isn’t able to form a tight enough seal to properly stop the water flow.  Flappers naturally deteriorate over time, particularly with the use of toilet bowl cleaners, water chemicals, or due to bacteria.

Thankfully, fixing a toilet flapper is a relatively simple process.  And even better, there’s a new toilet flapper on the market intended to resist the natural wear and breakdown of traditional ones.

The companies Fluidmaster and Microban have partnered to create a Universal Flapper line with Microban antimicrobial technology, to help prevent flapper breakdown due to bacteria.  The antimicrobial coating won’t wash off or wear away, and is engineered to work continuously and for the lifetime of the product. This Universal Toilet Flapper also has a solid frame for sturdiness, so it doesn’t twist and holds a reliable seal.

Think this might be just what your leaky, runny toilet needs?  Check out the Universal Flapper Line with Microban featured on the Fluidmaster website here.

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