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Product Feature: The Washlet S400 Automated Toilet System

If you’re into gadgets, then you’re not alone.  From the iphone to the remote control, our society has a thing for automating.  We want to streamline life and make the most of technology.

If that sounds like you, then the Washlet S400 might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

washlet_s400-300x148Bringing technology to the bathroom, the Washlet S400 is an automated toilet system (yes, we mean system) made by TOTO.  It is automatic, hands-free, and sensor-driven.

So what can this baby do?

  • Its automatic lid opens and closes as you approach and step away
  • It contains a front and rear washing system, using gentle aerated warm water
  • A warm air dryer (with three temperature options) is built-in to leave you fresh and dry
  • The heated seat features temp control so you can stay warm while seated
  • Automatic flushing is activated by sensors or the simple touch of a button
  • A self-cleaning wand makes cleaning a breeze

TOTO boasts that the Washlet S400 will “introduce you to an unprecedented level of comfort, while delivering maximum cleanliness.”  All at your command.

Sound like the gadget you’ve been missing?  Check out more on the Washlet S400 and then contact us at Nowthen Plumbing to bring your toilet up to technological speed.