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Preventative Holiday Plumbing

With the holidays just around the corner, house guests are likely not far behind!  Few things can screw up your holidays more than plumbing problems.  With that in mind, now is a great time of year to run through your plumbing preventative maintenance list:

  • Garbage Disposal: Your kitchen is sure to see plenty of action this holiday season.  Gear up by sharpening your garbage disposal blades.  Pour a handful of solid ice cubes and one cup of rock salt into the disposal to simultaneously clean and sharpen.  A small orange or lemon peel can also be run through for easy and natural deodorization.
  • Check Sinks: Fill your sink and drain it.  Watch for slow drainage which can indicate a clog or blocked vent pipe or bubbles appearing while the water is draining.
  •  Toilets: Check to see if your toilets rock when pushed or pull.  If so, inspect their bases for loose bolts.  Next, make sure each toilet is flushing properly and that the water stops running upon flush completion.  Check your tank for any broken, missing or corroded parts in need of repair.
  • Showers:  Your showers should be inspected at the top and bottom.  First check your shower head for water pressure.  Low pressure may mean that the shower head has sediment buildup and is in need of cleaning.  Also check the shower’s drain to ensure that the tub is emptying normally. If you find yourself left with a couple of inches of standing water, try using a plunger, placed over the drain hole.  A few pumps should help to dislodge any minor blockage and open the passage way.

Did any of your plumbing appliances not pass the test?  If so, contact us today to remedy any plumbing problems before the first guests hit your door!