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Keeping Water Out Of Your Home With WaterCop

A useful home tool, the WaterCop can help to keep water out of your home.  The WaterCop is an automatic water shut-off valve system designed to provide your home with round-the-clock indoor flood protection.  Working in conjunction with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home automation systems, it’s designed to be installed on your home’s main floor, on the main water line near the existing manual shut-off valve.

WaterCop flood sensors are then installed near water-based appliances and in rooms where running water is present. When the sensors detect leaking water, a wireless signal is broadcast to the WaterCop main valve causing the valve to close. Water flow is then cut off to all areas of the home to eliminate continuous flooding.  Particularly important to Minnesota homeowners is the devices ability to also prevent burst pipes.  Optional temperature sensors, placed near indoor pipes, can shut off a home’s water in the event that the ambient indoor temperature drops below a pre-determined point!

After installing your WaterCop, keep in mind that this device reduces your flood related risk and, as a result, can increase your home’s insurability.  Contact your insurance agent to determine if you are eligible for discounts associated with automatic water shut-off systems.

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