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Pumping Up Your Water Pressure

Dealing with low water pressure in your home is not a fun task. A lot of homeowners are faced with this problem in their homes due to a wide variety of factors. They either live really far from their water supply, they have clogged pipes, or they live on top of a hill. Either way it’s a daunting problem to have.

The science of why water pressure is low in a home is not too difficult to explain. Basically, the harder it is for the water to get to the faucet the lower the water pressure will be. There are, however, a variety of ways a homeowner can fix this problem.

First things first, majority of households get their water from the city. So, call your city’s water department to have them come inspect what is going on. If you find out you do have a problem then it is time to call the plumber. Usually the main cause of low water pressure is corroded pipes. Over time, gunk corrodes the pipes allowing less water to pass through, which makes it harder for the water flow, hence your weak shower.

Replacing your pipes is an option depending on how old and/or how clogged the pipes are. This option may dip into the pockets a bit, so installing a water pressure booster pump is also an option, which is also something a plumber should take care of for you.

Nevertheless, a good pipe cleaning may be all that is needed for your pipes as well. Ask us about some of the cleaning products we recommend by emailing us