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Product Profile: North Star Water Softeners

Today we are profiling a product that we install quite often, North Star Water Softeners. This line of products comes with a good warranty for your piece of mind, along with some exceptional features. North Star’s “Look Ahead” patented technology shows that you can use up to 60% less salt than the conventional water softener.

Once you determine that a North Star Water Softener is right for you, we’ll help you choose the right model, based on the capacity you need, the style and electronics.

Choosing the right water softener ensures that you protect your home from the damages of hard water.  A water softener can give you cleaner dishes, smoother skin, les soap residue, and so much more. Visit this North Star PDF to learn more about their softeners and the benefits of owning one. And if you have questions or would like to discuss purchasing one give us a call, and we will guide you through the process.