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Plumbing Myths Busted!

Save your money from going down the drain

Everybody has their own at-home remedies to get things fixed. There comes a time when you need to question if these remedies are really working or are they just something that will eventually put your money down the drain. We came across some myths about plumbing that could be costing you money, check it out. 

Myth # 1: Putting lemons and limes down your garbage disposal will make it smell fresh

Bust # 1: The citric acid from fruits like lemons and limes will corrode the metal blade inside your disposal making it dull in the long-run causing you to have to replace it.

Myth # 2: Using “in-tank” cleaners are the best way to keep your toilet clean

Bust # 2: Cleaners used for the toilet usually contain bleach. Therefore, if you store a cleaner in a dark and damp concealed area the bleach can build-up and get a foul order. Eventually this buildup will ruin the functionality of your toilet.

Myth # 3: Running the water while the garbage disposal is going is a must

Bust # 3: If there is already a blockage in the disposal using water is not going to help it. Easing the waste with the water at the same time will allow the flow to breakdown and run smoothly.

Myth # 4: Soap cleans my hands so it can clean my fixtures.

Bust # 4: When soap and water combine they create foam. That foam on fixtures will cause them to cloud immediately and corrode and peel over time.

Myth #5: Every plumber knows what they are doing so it’s okay to trust them with your home

Bust # 5: Just because a plumber has a tool and the wardrobe does not mean they are a good plumber. Be sure they are a highly trained plumbing professional. Click here to learn more about Nowthen Plumbing’s team.