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Company Profile: Ferguson

Knowing who’s doing the physical plumbing work on your home can only go so far, to be a truly smart consumer you should also know what products that person is using and where they got them from. We’re all about openness and easy access of information at Nowthen, so we’re going to save you some research time and do yet another profile of one of our trusted suppliers for you.

Ferguson may be the biggest plumbing supply wholesaler in North America, but its commitment to quality and personal touch is much more reminiscent of a small Ma and Pa type shop. Their motto, “Nobody expects more from us more than we do,” resonates especially strongly with us.

Founded in 1953 with a relatively small amount of starting money and only two locations, Ferguson has since spread to all 50 states, including locations in Puerto Rico and Mexico. They have nearly 1400 service centers and over 16,000 employees. Headquartered in Virginia, they specialize in everything from basic plumbing supplies to HVAC water heaters to fireplaces and major appliances, with a focus on green products and practices.

Their website has a ton of helpful information, including a very detailed history of how the company was formed and how it grew, and personal bios of the company’s executives so you can get to know the actual people behind the brand. We’re a big fan of their products, services, and company values and hope you feel better knowing that you’re in good hands at every level.