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Plumbing Brands

When it comes to our business, the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. Though we’d like to believe that we’re talented enough to solve any of your plumbing problems with just a wrench and a good roll of duct tape, the truth is that we couldn’t succeed without a solid arsenal of reliable tools and products.

Here’s a little info about some of our favorite brands:

American Standard

Originally founded in 1875 under the name Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, American Standard was on the frontlines of many of the most innovative plumbing product inventions. Some of the company’s most important contributions include one-piece toilets and combination hot/cold faucets.  By 1929 the company had established itself as the largest plumbing fixture manufacturer in the world and in 1967 they adopted their current name, American Standard.


Founded in 1954, Delta Faucet Company specializes in designing and producing some of the most creative and forward-thinking faucets available. Their dedication to green plumbing practices is particularly admirable, and as a MN GreenStar member that’s a major plus for us. Check out our blog on the Delta Touch 2.0 faucet for a great example.


Another company with a strong commitment to sustainability, TOTO has established itself as a world leader in plumbing products and technology. An active participant and proponent of the United States Green Build Council (USGBC), TOTO’s eco-friendliness is evident in nearly all of its products. We’re a big fan of their low-flow toilets in particular. (