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MN GreenStar Member

Thus begins our series, Things You Might Not Know About Us, But Probably Should. Volume One: We’re MN GreenStar certified!

Though you may have already guessed our passion for green products based on the multiple previous blog posts we’ve written on just that topic, you might not know the extent to which we put our passion into practice by becoming a member of MN GreenStar. What is MN GreenStar you ask? Simply put, it’s a program designed to set the industry standard for green building construction and remodeling. GreenStar specializes in educating companies on green building practices and helps them work towards achieving official certification as eco-friendly sustainable companies. By being a member of MN GreenStar Nowthen is committing itself to always valuing the practice of green plumbing and the use of green plumbing products.

But wait, there’s more! According to the source itself (, the five key principles of MN GreenStar green building programs include: “energy efficiency (reducing the amount of energy required to operate the home); resource efficiency (reduce resources used in building, modifying and maintaining the home); water conservation (maximize the efficient use of water both in and around the home); indoor environmental quality (creating a healthier indoor environment for the occupants); and site and community impact (consider the impact of the materials and the home building process on the land and the immediate community as well as the global community and environment).”

So how does this apply to you? Well, when you work with Nowthen you’ll be working with a company that values the earth around your home as much as your home itself. We will always do whatever it takes to satisfy your plumbing needs, and we’ll always do it in the most eco-friendly, efficient way possible. The days of harsh chemicals and polluting products are over, when you work with us or use our recommended products you don’t have to worry about what you’re dumping into your water system anymore, because we’re committed to keeping the water you and your family use every day as clean and green as possible (and we’ve got the membership to prove it!).