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Local Highlight: The City of Anoka

Though pipes are our main business, it’s people that really make the job. Nowthen is proud to serve such a wide variety of communities; from Blaine to New Brighton, Arden Hills to Maple Grove, each area we work with is unique and each of its residents follow suit. As much as we enjoy talking about drain cleaning and toilets each month, every now and then it’s nice to take a step back and learn a little bit more about the people who own those toilets and drains and the cities they live in. So today, we’re going to highlight one of our most frequently visited communities, the city of Anoka.

As anyone who lives in the area knows, one of the greatest things about Anoka is its emphasis on small businesses. From Mom and Pop Stores to unique boutiques, Anoka has always been a huge supporter of locally-owned independent establishments. As a small, independent business ourselves, we especially appreciate this sentiment, and would like to thank the city of Anoka and its residents for all their support throughout the years.

Aside from making Anoka a great shopping destination, the focus on independent support also means that more taxpayer money goes straight back into the city and its residents. A great example of the benefits of this inclusive system is the Main Street reconstruction project that has been ongoing since 2008. The city wrapped up reconstruction of West Main Street in 2010, and is setting to work on improving the safety and appearance of roadways, sidewalks, and landscapes along East Main Street to match.

Construction on East Main Street is set to being in 2012, and we’re excited to see what the beautiful city of Anoka comes up with during the planning phase throughout the rest of this year.

Continue supporting your local, independent businesses and we’ll continue keeping your pipes and plumbing off life support!