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Radon Rundown

Over the summer we wrote an entry telling you a little bit about what radon is and how you can detect it. Now that it’s winter and most of us will have our houses closed up for the next three months, we decided it was about time to revisit radon and give you a little more information about the not-so-noble gas. Although radon may seem inoffensive based on its lack of odor, taste, and color, it can actually be quite hazardous to your health, especially if you’re exposed for an extended period of time.

Because of this, many homebuyers are being much more cautious about possible radon leaks when looking at potential houses, so it’s especially important for all homeowners to test for radon regardless of whether or not you think you have a problem. Even if you’re not planning on putting your house on the market any time soon, testing for radon now can prevent unknown leaks from becoming much more serious problems in the future.

Testing your home for radon is extremely easy and is generally available in two forms, short-term tests and long-term tests.

Short-term radon tests can be bought at nearly any home supply store and are relatively inexpensive. Each type/brand of test will provide you with specific instructions that are very easy to follow and mainly involve keeping windows and doors closed for a few days while the test works its magic. After the test is finished (detection periods vary), simply mail the test to a provided address and you’ll receive lab results within a few weeks.

Long-term radon tests stay in your home for over 90 days and are usually used to measure the year-round average level of radon in your home. Figuring out whether to use a long-term test versus two short-term tests can be a little tricky, so it’s a good idea to call a professional if you’re unsure. Generally, however, the decision is pretty self-explanatory. If you need results quickly, use a short-term test, if you’re more concerned about the overall health of your home, use a long-term test.

For more in-depth information about radon give us a call. In the meantime we’ll check back in with you every now and then with more radon news, updates, and reminders. If you would like information on radon mitigation systems, give us a call or visit our radon mitigation page.