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Sewage Ejector Pumps 101: Getting into the Muck of it

If you’ve been keeping up with our news and updates, and we hope you have, you’ll already know everything the average homeowner should know about sump pumps and how to maintain them. What you may not know about, however, is another similar service we offer on our list—sewage ejector pump maintenance. Though we could talk for days about the fine details of the sewage ejector pump system (yes, we like what we do that much), many people probably have never even heard the term before. So for now, we’ll just run through the basics for you.

First off, what is a sewage ejector pump?

When a bathroom is located at a depth lower than the home’s sewer line, a sewage ejector pumps (also sometimes called a sewage grinder pump) is installed to forcefully pump the sewage to the proper elevation. Sometimes in homes where the bathroom is not below the sewer line but is just about even with it, the sewage still may not flow fast enough on its own and will also require a sewage ejector pump.

Second, what does it do?

In the most basic terms, the sewage ejector pump elevates sewage to the level of the main sewer line and ejects it into the correct pipes at the correct speeds. If you want to get into the muck of it a little more (warning, the following sentence is not for the squeamish), the sewage ejector/grinder blends residential sewage into a fine slurry of waste and water that can be more easily pumped into the main sewage line.

Finally, how do I get one?

This is the easiest question and you’ve probably already guessed the answer, but we’ll go ahead and tell you anyway. If you think you may need to install a sewage ejector pump in your home or believe that your existing pump needs maintenance, give us a call. As much as we love talking and writing about plumbing, we like getting out there and working on it even more!