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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Even though 2010 is almost over and in a few months we’ll be ushering in a brand new year, there’s still time to remodel your kitchen before then. 2010 was the year of simplicity and class in the kitchen remodeling world, and there are a few ideas that are worth taking with us this January.

One of the 2010 trends that can easily last forever is a focus on timelessness or tradition. The word tradition can sometimes have connotations of old, boring, or antiquated, but that’s not what this year’s kitchen trend means. Instead, the stress on tradition in kitchen design simply means keeping it classic; nothing too over-the-top or crazy, just clean-lines, simple, well-made design, and a highly organized floor plan. Always keep in mind that unless this is the house you plan to live in the rest of your life, your kitchen is going to have to appeal to somebody else in the future. The edgy colors and styles that may be “in” today certainly aren’t going to appeal to everyone who might look at your house ten years from now.

Another 2010 trend that we’re a big fan of is green design. We’ve been talking about green plumbing products and appliances for a while now, and we’re very happy to report every time the eco-friendly lifestyle gets a plug from the remodeling world. Energy Star appliances are very in demand in most of today’s homes, and we’d love to see it continue that way for many years.

No matter what you decide on for your kitchen there’s one thing that negates any trends, and that’s the importance of proper plumbing installation and upkeep. Make sure you give us a call to check out your plumbing situation before any major work is done and don’t be afraid to put us in your speed dial in case of an emergency as well.