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Home Plumbing Maintenance: DIY vs. Professional Help

When it comes to home plumbing maintenance, in general we’re all for the Do-It-Yourself approach. There will always be plenty of plumbing problems in the world for us to fix, and though we pride ourselves on our affordable prices, we understand that if there’s a way for you to save a buck by doing a simple repair yourself you’re going to go for it. Most of the time this is totally fine and we’re happy to provide you with some basic tips about drain cleaning, blab la, etc. But sometimes, as we’re sure everyone probably knows, DIY can be an absolute recipe for disaster.

So how do you know when to give the repairs a shot yourself and when to call a plumber? There are a few things that will almost always require professional help.

Repeated Leaks
Although most minor leaks can be attempted on your own first, if a leak keeps recurring in the same place it’s probably time to call in professional reinforcements, there may be a bigger problem that you simply can’t see because you don’t know where to look. Furthermore, any plumbing issue that involves city gas or water pipes must be done by a licensed professional. Messing around down there without knowing exactly what you’re doing can end up causing a lot of problems that will be a lot bigger than the one you started out with.

Septic System Problems
It’s no secret what the home septic system is for, so it also pretty much goes without saying that no one really wants to fiddle with it if it’s not entirely necessary. Luckily for you septic tank problems should almost always be left to a professional, so there’s no feeling guilty about not attempting DIY methods first. Like everything else septic tanks need regular maintenance too, just how regular that maintenance is depends on several different factors, but it’s safe to say that having a plumber pump out your septic tank now can definitely help prevent a much bigger and more expensive problem later.

Clogged Drains
Clogged drains are pretty similar to leaky faucets. Most of the time you can take care of the problem yourself, but repeated leaks or particularly stubborn clogs are nothing to balk at. Low water flow problems can sometimes just be a simple matter of adjusting your home’s water pressure, but if the water pressure is fine and your faucet is still running at a trickle it’s time to call a plumber. Of course many minor clogs can be fixed yourself, but if the problem isn’t readily apparent it’s usually a bad idea to try and go poking around and figuring it out with the guidance of a licensed plumber standing by.