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Delta Touch 2 o Faucets

“No touch” or “hands free” faucets have been around for years. They can mostly be found in public bathrooms, where motion sensor technology allows people to wash their hands without risking contamination from having to touch dirty faucet handles. The faucets works by motion activated infrared beams that reflect off an object when it’s within a certain area and activate water flow. When the object is no longer in that area, the beams do not reflect and the water automatically shuts off. Though this technology has certainly helped hygiene and reduced the spread of germs in public bathrooms, the infrared motion sensor faucets have typically been too expensive or not practical enough to make it into the mainstream home market, despite a great desire among many people for improved kitchen faucet technology.

In an effort to capitalize on this growing demand, Delta has come out with its new Touch 2 o” technology. Instead of a waving your hand in front of a motion sensor  with an infrared “no touch” faucet, the Touch 2 o allows you to simply tap anywhere on the faucet’s body or handle to turn the water on or off. The general idea is that this will reduce contamination from fingers covered in raw meat, etc. while cooking, keep faucet handles cleaner, and allow you more control over your water flow than a normal no touch system.

There are many benefits to the Touch 2 o; the design gives you the option of controlling the water flow by tapping, or you can control it manually with the separate handle as you would with a regular faucet. The tap system is also designed to reduce water waste. Because turning the water on and off is much easier and quicker with the Touch 2 o, users are much more likely to conserve water when washing dishes, rinsing food, cleaning hands, and so on.

While the benefits are certainly exciting, the Touch 2 o is not without its drawbacks. Because the technology is still so new, many users have reported problems with the sensors in the faucet working incorrectly or not at all. Adjusting the water temperature is also a bit of a problem. The faucet is designed to stay at the same water temperature that was used during the previous wash, which means that if it used to be cold and now you need hot right away, you’re going to have to adjust it using the separate handle anyway, virtually negating the benefits of the tapping system.

Despite its flaws, however, it’s nice to see innovative technology emerging in the field of home plumbing. The Touch 2 o is only going to get better as time goes on and Delta works out the kinks, and we’re excited to see what new faucet technology evolution comes next.

To learn more about this product visit the Delta Touch 2 o Faucets website.