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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2010

Bathrooms are becoming much more than just places to take care of business in 2010. They are the center of family time when the kids need a bath, the perfect place to relax with a hot shower after a long day of work, and in some cases even a nice, quiet place to read without chance of disruption. Though if you ask us we’d say the number one new trend in bathroom remodeling should be excellent updated plumbing work, the real trends lean slightly less toward the utilitarian side and are more focused on comfort and aesthetics.
Here are a few of the more interesting trends we’ve seen:
Heated Floors
No, it’s not the amazing plumbing trend we hoped for, but we can definitely get on board with this one anyway. Imagine getting up in the middle of a frigid winter night, walking to the bathroom, and having your feet warmed by a radiant floor rather than frozen off by cold tiles. The upfront cost is pretty substantial, so heated floors are certainly still considered a luxury, but the heating bills may not be as high as you think since the floors retain their heat very well even when not actively radiating.
Multiple Mirrors
Remember that Feng Shui fad back in the day? Well, even if you weren’t into it then some elements of the Chinese system still remain useful today. Many people are now using multiple mirrors strategically placed throughout their bathrooms to make them appear larger and more open than they already are. This illusion of space won’t actually help us when we’re lying on the floor, trying to twist and turn our way to get at the piping under your sink, but we appreciate the idea behind this trend.
Going Green
We’re a big fan of green plumbing products and practices. We’ve written several entries about low-flow toilets/showerheads, hands-free/no-touch sinks, and other green products and we’re very happy to see the green trend making its way into the bathrooms of 2010. Saving money, saving water, saving the environment—what’s not to like?
Check back with us soon to see a preview of what 2011 will bring to the bathroom world!