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Preventing Clogged Drains

Kitchen Sink
The problems plumbers are most frequently hired to fix also tend to be the easiest to avoid in the first place. Clogged drains are a serious problem if left ignored for too long, but keeping your drain free of clogs takes a very small amount of time and minimal effort. As with most plumbing systems, simply understanding the problem is the best way to avoid it. By keeping in mind the most common causes of clogged drains you will be more likely to kick the habits that lead to them.
Kitchen drains are generally the most used in the house and are often the easiest to clog. Sink stoppages are usually caused by the wrong foods being dumped down the drain in the wrong manner. Liquid fats like excess bacon grease and cooking oil are often poured in the sink then washed down with warm dishwater. The water cools as it travels down the pipes towards the main sewers, leaving congealed fat deposits along the way.  Eventually these fat deposits form layer upon layer of grease with other bits of food and waste sticking to them until the pipe becomes impassable.
By throwing grease, oil, and other fatty liquids into the garbage instead of the sink and always running cold water instead of warm when using a garbage disposal you’ll be much more likely to avoid this common drain clog. In the event that you do get a clog, attempt using a plunger on your drain (just as you would on a toilet) or cleaning out the J-bend fixture (below the sink) before resorting to a plumber.
Though Nowthen is always happy to help no matter what the problem, we also know how important your time and money is to you. By following these few simple rules it’s possible to keep your plumbing system happy, healthy, and clog free most of the time. Nowthen provides service to Elk River and the surrounding area.